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New features in APT-RPM

New features in APT-RPM

Posted Dec 2, 2003 1:28 UTC (Tue) by niemeyer (guest, #17169)
In reply to: New features in APT-RPM by proski
Parent article: New features in APT-RPM

Looks interesting. Here is a Lua script that will do the same thing in APT-RPM:

    for i, pkg in pairs(pkglist()) do
        ver = pkgvercur(pkg)
        verlist = pkgverlist(pkg)
        if ver and not verisonline(ver)
           and table.getn(verlist) == 1 then
            print(pkgname(pkg) .. "-" .. verstr(ver))

To run it, execute the following command:

    apt-cache script ./list-extras.lua

If you want more comfort you may easily turn this into an additonal apt-cache command, and run it like:

    apt-cache list-extras

To do that, insert the following lines at the top of the Lua file:

    if command_args[1] ~= "list-extras" then
    command_consume = 1

And register it in your configuration with:

    Scripts::AptCache::Command:: "/path/to/list-extras.lua";

Notice that, unfortunately, this will only work with the upcoming APT-RPM 0.5.15cnc4, since the verisonline() function was implemented a few seconds ago. :-) The functionality was already there, but wasn't being exported to Lua. If you want it working now, you can check the revision 243 in the repository.

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New features in APT-RPM

Posted Dec 2, 2003 5:40 UTC (Tue) by proski (subscriber, #104) [Link]

That's the kind of reply I like to get. Thank you!

Actually, my Red Hat machines use yum (I switched from apt-rpm just recently) and my Debian machine uses apt-get, quite expectedly. I wanted to convert everything to Debian unstable, but the Debian security breach changed my plans. is still closed, and I just cannot use XFree86 older than 4.3.0 with some hardware. I started updating Red Hat machines to Fedora.

It's exciting to learn about development of the tool I've been using until recently, but it seems I'm not going to use the results of your work until one of the following events occur:

    • The new apt-rpm becomes so good that Fedora switches to it.
      Debian switches to RPM packages :-)
      Debian and Fedora close or stop maintaining their repositories, everybody switches to Conectiva. Not likely either.
  • Anyway, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    New features in APT-RPM

    Posted Dec 2, 2003 7:23 UTC (Tue) by schabi (guest, #14079) [Link]

    I successfully installed XFree86 3.0 using the following apt-sources.list line:

    deb ../procject/experimental main contrib non-free


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