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2003 Linux Timeline: September

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A sustainable business model for software development can be built only on an intellectual property foundation. I invite the Open Source community to explore these possibilities for your own benefit within an Open Source model. Further, the SCO Group is open to ideas of working with the Open Source community to monetize software technology and its underlying intellectual property for all contributors, not just SCO.

--Darl reaches out

The European Parliament vote on software patents is delayed due to a high level of pressure from anti-patent activists.

SCO is fined €10,000 in Germany for violating an order that it not claim that Linux contains its property.

The Library of Congress Moving Images Collection is hosted on Linux (press release).

Skylink's right to make interoperable garage door openers is upheld in court against a DMCA challenge by Chamberlain. The ruling says little about the DMCA, however (analysis). [epiphany]

Version 1.0 of the Epiphany browser is released (announcement).

The popularity of Linux--fueled by fear of placing too much control in the hands of a single (notoriously aggressive) vendor and by the widespread conviction that open source software can save you a bucket of money--is rising like the waters of the flood toward the software fortress that Gates built.


VeriSign launches its "Sitefinder" service, violating the DNS standards and upsetting numerous Internet users.

GNOME 2.4 is released exactly on schedule (announcement).

The European Parliament passes the patent directive, but with substantial amendments which block software patents (directive text).

HP offers indemnification to its customers against suits from SCO.

SCO claims that Red Hat's suit should be dismissed because, it seems, SCO never actually threatened Red Hat. Or so they say. (Motion to dismiss).

Red Hat and Fedora Linux are pleased to announce an alignment of their mutually complementary core proficiencies leveraging them synergistically in the creation of the Fedora Project, a paradigm shift for Linux technology development and rolling early deployment models.

--A scary start

The Red Hat Linux project becomes the Fedora Project; this project will carry Red Hat Linux development forward in a more community-oriented manner (announcement).

devfs is marked "deprecated" in the 2.6 kernel.

Red Hat earns a $240,000 profit on $29 million in revenue (press release).

The WRT54G router source provided by LinkSys is shown not to be the code running in the device; the pressure campaign on LinkSys intensifies (detailed findings).

The GNU Project celebrates its 20th anniversary (initial announcement)

Particularly controversial was the claim that SCO had the capability to launch a wave of invoices within 45 minutes of an outbreak of licence infringement. This was flatly contradicted by intelligence reports, which insisted that the only weapons in the company's armoury were a few elderly FUD missiles and the odd bluster bomb


The Linux Documentation Project celebrates its tenth anniversary (announcement).

SGI discloses that SCO has "terminated" its Unix license as of October 14.

Linux invoices promised by SCO fail to show up. [Samba]

Samba 3.0 is released (announcement).

Trustix AS goes bankrupt, ending (temporarily) the Trustix Secure Linux distribution (announcement).

Slackware 9.1 is released (announcement). [Snapgear]

SnapGear claims the first "production" distribution with the 2.6 kernel despite the fact that no such kernel has been released (press release).

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2003 Linux Timeline: September

Posted Dec 19, 2003 21:14 UTC (Fri) by X-Nc (guest, #1661) [Link]

Wht have "--A scary start" as the name for the box about RH+Fedora? It doesn't make sense.

Redhat Fedora

Posted Dec 21, 2003 7:05 UTC (Sun) by xnihilanthx (guest, #17991) [Link]

That email starts off with the buzzword gobbledygook, that's why its scary.

It's a very nice parody :)

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