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Chris Beard Named CEO of Mozilla

Mitchell Baker announced that Chris Beard has been appointed CEO of Mozilla Corp. "Over the years, Chris has led many of Mozilla’s most innovative projects. We have relied on his judgment and advice for nearly a decade. Chris has a clear vision of how to take Mozilla’s mission and turn it into industry-changing products and ideas."

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An Indiegogo campaign for the Ottawa Linux Symposium

Andrew Hutton, the organizer of the Ottawa Linux Symposium, has put together an Indiegogo campaign to try to raise funds for this event, which has fallen on hard times in recent years. "When I admitted that this year would likely be the last OLS many people expressed a desire to do something to help. This crowdfunding campaign is the best way I could think of to reach out and offer the community a way to help."

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Articles of interest

An Interview with Karen Sandler (Model View Culture)

Over at Model View Culture, Adam Saunders interviews Karen Sandler, executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) and formerly the executive director of the GNOME Foundation. Sandler talks about SFC, the Outreach Program for Women, as well as being a cyborg: "I was diagnosed with a heart condition and needed a pacemaker/defibrillator, and none of the device manufacturers would let me see the source code that was to be literally sewn into my body and connected to my heart. My life relies on the proper functioning of software every day, and I have no confidence that it will. The FDA generally doesn't review the source code of medical devices nor can the public. But multiple researchers have shown that these devices can be maliciously hacked, with fatal consequences. Once you start considering medical devices, you quickly start to realize that it's all kinds of software that is life and society-critical - cars, voting machines, stock markets... It's essential that our software be safe, and the only way we can realistically expect that to be the case over time is by ensuring that our software is free and open. If there's catastrophic failure at Medtronic (the makers of my defibrillator), for example, I wouldn't be able to fix a bug in my own medical device."

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Calls for Presentations

PyTexas 2014 Conference

PyTexas will take place October 3-5 in College Station, Texas. The call for proposals closes August 22. "We are currently looking for speakers and tutorials in all disciplines. Know about GIS, Scientific Computing, Math, Web, Standard Library, or have an itch to present your personal projects? We want you!"

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CFP Deadlines: July 31, 2014 to September 29, 2014

The following listing of CFP deadlines is taken from the CFP Calendar.

DeadlineEvent Dates EventLocation
July 31 October 23
October 24
Free Software and Open Source Symposium Toronto, Canada
August 1 August 4 CentOS Dojo Cologne, Germany Cologne, Germany
August 15 September 25
September 26
Kernel Recipes Paris, France
August 15 August 25 CentOS Dojo Paris, France Paris, France
August 15 November 3
November 5
Qt Developer Days 2014 NA San Francisco, CA, USA
August 15 October 20
October 21
Tizen Developer Summit Shanghai Shanghai, China
August 18 October 18
October 19
openSUSE.Asia Summit Beijing, China
August 22 October 3
October 5
PyTexas 2014 College Station, TX, USA
August 31 October 13 Tracing Summit 2014 Düsseldorf, Germany
August 31 October 25
October 26
T-DOSE 2014 Eindhoven, Netherlands
September 1 October 2
October 3
PyCon ZA 2014 Johannesburg, South Africa
September 1 October 28
October 29
2014 LLVM Developers' Meeting San Jose, CA, USA
September 2 November 11 Korea Linux Forum Seoul, South Korea
September 7 October 4
October 5
Iberian minority language groups reach out to open source Santiago de Compostela, Spain
September 8 November 10
November 14
21'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference Portland, Oregon, USA
September 10 October 8
October 10
X Developers Conference Bordeaux, France
September 11 October 6
October 9
Perl::Dancer Conference 2014 Hancock, NY, USA
September 14 December 27
December 30
31st Chaos Communication Congress Hamburg, Germany
September 17 October 25
October 28
PyconFR Lyon, France

If the CFP deadline for your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

Upcoming Events

Events: July 31, 2014 to September 29, 2014

The following event listing is taken from the Calendar.

July 26
August 1
Gnome Users and Developers Annual Conference Strasbourg, France
August 1
August 3
PyCon Australia Brisbane, Australia
August 4 CentOS Dojo Cologne, Germany Cologne, Germany
August 6
August 9
Flock Prague, Czech Republic
August 9 Fosscon 2014 Philadelphia, PA, USA
August 15
August 17
GNU Hackers' Meeting 2014 Munich, Germany
August 18
August 19
Xen Developer Summit North America Chicago, IL, USA
August 18 7th Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test San Diego, CA, USA
August 18
August 19
Linux Security Summit 2014 Chicago, IL, USA
August 18
August 20
Linux Kernel Summit Chicago, IL, USA
August 19 2014 USENIX Summit on Hot Topics in Security San Diego, CA, USA
August 20
August 22
USENIX Security '14 San Diego, CA, USA
August 20
August 22
LinuxCon North America Chicago, IL, USA
August 20
August 22
CloudOpen North America Chicago, IL, USA
August 22
August 23
BarcampGR Grand Rapids, MI, USA
August 23
August 24
Free and Open Source Software Conference St. Augustin (near Bonn), Germany
August 23
August 31
Debian Conference 2014 Portland, OR, USA
August 25 CentOS Dojo Paris, France Paris, France
August 26
August 31
ownCloud Contributor Conference and Hackathon Berlin, Germany
August 27
August 30
LaKademy 2014 São Paulo, Brazil
September 2
September 5
LibreOffice Conference Bern, Switzerland
September 5 The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop Gothenburg, Sweden
September 5
September 7
BalCCon 2k14 Novi Sad, Serbia
September 6
September 12
Akademy 2014 Brno, Czech Republic
September 7
September 12
CppCon Bellevue, WA, USA
September 11
September 13
Free and Open Source Software Expo and Technology Conference Orlanda, Florida, USA
September 12
September 14
Kiwi PyCon Wellington, New Zealand
September 15
September 19
GNU Radio Conference Washington, DC, USA
September 15
September 19
Linaro Connect USA 2014 Burlingame, CA, USA
September 17
September 19
PostgresOpen 2014 Chicago, IL, USA
September 19
September 21
Octave Conference 2014 Montréal, Canada
September 22
September 23
Lustre Administrators and Developers workshop Reims, France
September 22
September 23
Open Source Backup Conference Köln, Germany
September 25
September 26
Kernel Recipes Paris, France
September 26
September 28
PyCon India Bangalore, India
September 27
September 28
EuroBSDCon 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

If your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

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