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The Three Main Problems

The Three Main Problems

Posted Nov 26, 2003 18:15 UTC (Wed) by Ross (guest, #4065)
Parent article: The CAN-SPAM bill examined

They both have to do with opt-out.

1) Companies are allowed to spam until you opt out. What keeps a company from farming out their spamming operations to different companies. After each round, aren't they allowed to spam you again as long as it is a fresh company?

2) There is no requirement that the opt-out mechanism be simple, that is is understandable, that it can be completed quickly, that it can be completed without more advertisements, or even that it works on non-Windows platforms or with non-graphics browsers. What keeps them from making you click through 12 different GIF-animated, Javascript and ActiveX filled pages before they confirm your removal?

3) Now that you have opted out of that specific company's spams, what keeps them from selling your verified legitimate address to another spamming operation?

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