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Distribution quote of the week

These days Gentoo is sort of a “background” distro that has been around for ages, has loads of users but new people don’t get excited about anymore, kind of like Debian.
-- Patrick McLean
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Distribution quote of the week

Posted Jul 11, 2014 23:06 UTC (Fri) by gerdesj (subscriber, #5446) [Link]

Perhaps not excited but damn grateful for it. I have boxes that are from 2006 running this year's code. Some started off life as physical and then were P2Vd but they are still the same boxes.

Occasionally they might lightly break during an update and need a little help from a binary package to get going again but overall very successful.

The only reason for a re-install I've found so far is an arch change (x86 -> amd64). The compilathons can be a bit of a pain but a handy core i7 box or two to act as a compiler farm for the less capable systems and careful use of distcc and binary packages makes that less of an annoyance.

"Trigger's broom" is how I generally explain the longevity of a Gentoo box 8)


Distribution quote of the week

Posted Jul 17, 2014 17:10 UTC (Thu) by ssokolow (guest, #94568) [Link]

Huh. So there's another name for what I knew as the ship of Theseus paradox.

Ya learn something new every day.

Distribution quote of the week

Posted Jul 20, 2014 9:38 UTC (Sun) by elvis_ (subscriber, #63935) [Link]

I have one from 2003 quite happily trundling along. Grandpa's Axe.

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