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Brief items

Andrew Tanenbaum retires

Professor Andrew Tanenbaum, creator of MINIX, is retiring after 43 years at the Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands. He will give a final lecture at the VU on October 23, which will be followed by a reception. (Thanks to Michael Kerrisk.)

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Articles of interest

FSFE Newsletter – July 2014

The July edition of the Free Software Foundation Europe newsletter covers Privacy cafés, Email self-defense goes multilingual, What to use instead of WhatsApp and Threema?, and more.

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FSFE: EC distorts market by refusing to break free from lock-in

The Free Software Foundation Europe expresses its disappointment with the European Commission for sticking with proprietary software. "The Commission recently admitted publicly for the first time that it is in "effective captivity" to Microsoft. But documents obtained by FSFE show that the Commission has made no serious effort to find solutions based on Open Standards. In consequence, a large part of Europe's IT industry is essentially locked out of doing business with the Commission."

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An open-minded Internet safety curriculum (

Part of the curriculum for high school students in the US is a class on internet safety. This article on looks at what is taught and what else should be covered in these classes. "Of course, we must work to help kids understand that the technology world can be a complicated and unsafe place. Digital reputation, Internet security, and online self-defense are critical skills for every citizen. However, in a rush to reduce the discussion to popular topics such as cyberbullying, online predators, and chat rooms, many schools have missed larger and more salient issues. Net Neutrality, Snowden's NSA revelations, social data mining, vendor lock-in and control: these fundamental ideas, principles, and values will ultimately shape and direct our students' technology future, and our society."

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Calls for Presentations

Seattle GNU/Linux Conference

The Seattle GNU/Linux Conference (SeaGL) will take place October 24-25, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. The call for participation deadline is July 27.

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CFP Deadlines: July 10, 2014 to September 8, 2014

The following listing of CFP deadlines is taken from the CFP Calendar.

DeadlineEvent Dates EventLocation
July 11 October 13
October 15
CloudOpen Europe Düsseldorf, Germany
July 11 October 13
October 15
Embedded Linux Conference Europe Düsseldorf, Germany
July 11 October 13
October 15
LinuxCon Europe Düsseldorf, Germany
July 11 October 15
October 17
Linux Plumbers Conference Düsseldorf, Germany
July 14 August 15
August 17
GNU Hackers' Meeting 2014 Munich, Germany
July 15 October 24
October 25
Firebird Conference 2014 Prague, Czech Republic
July 20 January 12
January 16 2015 Auckland, New Zealand
July 21 October 21
October 24
PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014 Madrid, Spain
July 24 October 6
October 8
Qt Developer Days 2014 Europe Berlin, Germany
July 24 October 24
October 26
Ohio LinuxFest 2014 Columbus, Ohio, USA
July 25 September 22
September 23
Lustre Administrators and Developers workshop Reims, France
July 27 October 14
October 16
KVM Forum 2014 Düsseldorf, Germany
July 27 October 24
October 25
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference Seattle, WA, USA
July 30 October 16
October 17
GStreamer Conference Düsseldorf, Germany
July 31 October 23
October 24
Free Software and Open Source Symposium Toronto, Canada
August 1 August 4 CentOS Dojo Cologne, Germany Cologne, Germany
August 15 September 25
September 26
Kernel Recipes Paris, France
August 15 August 25 CentOS Dojo Paris, France Paris, France
August 15 November 3
November 5
Qt Developer Days 2014 NA San Francisco, CA, USA
August 15 October 20
October 21
Tizen Developer Summit Shanghai Shanghai, China
August 18 October 18
October 19
openSUSE.Asia Summit Beijing, China
August 22 October 3
October 5
PyTexas 2014 College Station, TX, USA
August 31 October 13 Tracing Summit 2014 Düsseldorf, Germany
August 31 October 25
October 26
T-DOSE 2014 Eindhoven, Netherlands
September 1 October 2
October 3
PyCon ZA 2014 Johannesburg, South Africa
September 1 October 28
October 29
2014 LLVM Developers' Meeting San Jose, CA, USA
September 2 November 11 Korea Linux Forum Seoul, South Korea
September 7 October 4
October 5
Iberian minority language groups reach out to open source Santiago de Compostela, Spain

If the CFP deadline for your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

Upcoming Events

Events: July 10, 2014 to September 8, 2014

The following event listing is taken from the Calendar.

July 5
July 11
Libre Software Meeting Montpellier, France
July 6
July 12
SciPy 2014 Austin, Texas, USA
July 14
July 16
2014 Ottawa Linux Symposium Ottawa, Canada
July 18
July 20
GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 Cambridge, England, UK
July 19
July 20
Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters Taipei, Taiwan
July 20
July 24
OSCON 2014 Portland, OR, USA
July 21
July 27
EuroPython 2014 Berlin, Germany
July 26
August 1
Gnome Users and Developers Annual Conference Strasbourg, France
August 1
August 3
PyCon Australia Brisbane, Australia
August 4 CentOS Dojo Cologne, Germany Cologne, Germany
August 6
August 9
Flock Prague, Czech Republic
August 9 Fosscon 2014 Philadelphia, PA, USA
August 15
August 17
GNU Hackers' Meeting 2014 Munich, Germany
August 18
August 19
Xen Developer Summit North America Chicago, IL, USA
August 18 7th Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test San Diego, CA, USA
August 18
August 19
Linux Security Summit 2014 Chicago, IL, USA
August 18
August 20
Linux Kernel Summit Chicago, IL, USA
August 19 2014 USENIX Summit on Hot Topics in Security San Diego, CA, USA
August 20
August 22
USENIX Security '14 San Diego, CA, USA
August 20
August 22
LinuxCon North America Chicago, IL, USA
August 20
August 22
CloudOpen North America Chicago, IL, USA
August 22
August 23
BarcampGR Grand Rapids, MI, USA
August 23
August 31
Debian Conference 2014 Portland, OR, USA
August 23
August 24
Free and Open Source Software Conference St. Augustin (near Bonn), Germany
August 25 CentOS Dojo Paris, France Paris, France
August 26
August 31
ownCloud Contributor Conference and Hackathon Berlin, Germany
August 27
August 30
LaKademy 2014 São Paulo, Brazil
September 2
September 5
LibreOffice Conference Bern, Switzerland
September 5 The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop Gothenburg, Sweden
September 5
September 7
BalCCon 2k14 Novi Sad, Serbia
September 6
September 12
Akademy 2014 Brno, Czech Republic
September 7
September 12
CppCon Bellevue, WA, USA

If your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

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