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The CAN-SPAM bill might help...

The CAN-SPAM bill might help...

Posted Nov 26, 2003 10:48 UTC (Wed) by dps (subscriber, #5725)
Parent article: The CAN-SPAM bill examined

If this law forces US spammers, who seem to be a majority where I sit, to use identifable IP address this the bill might be more useful to "normal users" than you think... We can then block all mail from those specific IPs (with a deny rule on our firewall, ideally backed up by deny rules on mail servers, etc).

ISPs could blackhole those IPs too to reduce the amount of their bandwidth wasted by spammers---in the old days when spammers were using their own IP addresses some major ISPs (such as ISPs the small ISPs use) blackholed the major sources of spam. This prompted the current tactics.

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