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Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately

Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately

Posted Jun 16, 2014 20:50 UTC (Mon) by Arker (guest, #14205)
In reply to: Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately by rahulsundaram
Parent article: Questioning corporate involvement in GNOME development

"Sure, you can. The so called unrelated things are all optional. That is how distributions were able to move to systemd incrementally."

Moving to it incrementally has the support of the development team. A stable state where systemd is expected to play nice with traditional components it prefers to replace is rather obviously not the same.

Of course it's always technically possible with some developers and time, if you dont mind to spend the time you can make just about anything work, but that's really not the point. It's all designed to be used as one big unit and if you use it otherwise and find a bug expect it to be marked Wont Fix because they... well 'do not care' actually appears to understate it, Poettering quotes I have seen indicate he is actively antagonistic on the point.

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Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately

Posted Jun 16, 2014 22:09 UTC (Mon) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946) [Link]

It's perfectly fine to use systemd without any of the optional features. If you want to claim otherwise cite your concrete evidence to back that up.

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