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Questioning corporate involvement in GNOME development

Questioning corporate involvement in GNOME development

Posted Jun 5, 2014 16:09 UTC (Thu) by Felix (subscriber, #36445)
In reply to: Questioning corporate involvement in GNOME development by mcatanzaro
Parent article: Questioning corporate involvement in GNOME development

> Honestly, as a GNOME developer, I admit search in Nautilus is really bad.
> I'm not sure we need to go back to type-ahead find, but I think that was
> far better than what we have now.

I totally agree. Advanced search (e.g. full-text search, additional filters) is nice but the whole use case of quick keyboard-assisted navigation just went away.

> Dealing with lots of user feedback is difficult, particularly when it
> conflicts with the design vision, but I've seen many cases where it has
> influenced the direction of GNOME software (e.g. the wired status
> indicator, or the ongoing push to restore terminal transparency). The
> biggest limiting factor is often developer resources: if I want to fix
> Bug A or implement Feature B and a user wants me to fix Bug C and
> implement Feature D, I'm probably going to fix Bug A and implement
> Feature B.

I can sympathize with that opinion. However when you're changing something in major ways (and criticism is already voiced in blog comments when the change was presented) I think a developer should be prepared to deal with fallout instead of just moving on.

> I wonder what you dislike about notifications, though: I find them
> informative yet unobtrusive.

First of all I think they are too small (just being centered at the bottom). I didn't see a way to see multiple notificatons at once - some things might be more urgent than others but I don't want to "loose" the one on "top". So a kind of history would be good.

Then I have issues with the kind of notifications which are provided. To me this tied into the "systray" problem. I'd like to have some "notifications" which never expire (e.g. new IM message) - similar to jumping icons in the MacOS dock. And some notifications just bother me and I want to ignore them ("maybe your printer is not connected" - when I just started it and I already know it'll need a few more minutes until it configured it's network interface).

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Questioning corporate involvement in GNOME development

Posted Jun 5, 2014 16:30 UTC (Thu) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946) [Link]

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