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Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately

Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately

Posted Jun 3, 2014 7:51 UTC (Tue) by TRS-80 (subscriber, #1804)
In reply to: Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately by bojan
Parent article: Questioning corporate involvement in GNOME development

I use Thunderbird with Exchange (admittedly IMAP for mail, but EWS calendars).

The real problem is the "just works" desktop (well, laptop) of OS X has skimmed off a lot of developers who would otherwise help GNOME by scratching an itch or fixing a papercut. What's left are the grognards who want to develop a desktop for everyone and have ruined it for the power users.

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Irrelevant is the word, unfortunately

Posted Jul 9, 2014 2:17 UTC (Wed) by hitmark (guest, #34609) [Link]

Anot just Gnome, but Linux in general. In large part because you can walk into any number of stores with a fruit on them to get things sorted.

If Canonical was really about getting on the desktop, they should have grabbed System76 and set up a retail chain of their own.

This because trying to get the big brands to offer Linux options are futile, MS have too deep pockets for that to happen (the sales margins are razor thin, so they companies need the bulk discounts).

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