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Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Posted May 24, 2014 7:38 UTC (Sat) by mbunkus (subscriber, #87248)
In reply to: Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector by HelloWorld
Parent article: Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Quite correct for my little project (MKVToolNix) at least. Back in 2001 when I started working on a GUI for one of the command-line applications I looked at the various cross-platform toolkits available at the time. Luckily I'm using C++ so the selection was more broad, but the only three contenders left were Qt, F… something (can't remember the name) and wxWidgets (which uses GTK+ on Linux, MS' own stuff on Windows). I only chose wxWidgets due to Qt not being available for OSS projects on Windows at that time.

Nowadays I'm trying to switch, too, for many of the reasons listed in these comments, even though re-writing the whole application from scratch is a huge amount of work. But it's more than worth it.

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Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Posted May 24, 2014 9:24 UTC (Sat) by patrick_g (subscriber, #44470) [Link]

I use this opportunity to thank you for MKVToolNix. It's a reliable and very useful software.
Thanks a lot!

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