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Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Posted May 20, 2014 19:56 UTC (Tue) by rleigh (guest, #14622)
In reply to: Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector by Trelane
Parent article: Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

I did like GTKmm. It's clean, well written and documented, and a pleasure to use. It's really what GTK should have been; had this API been the base rather than C, it would have been properly type-safe and robust. And the libsigc++ signals (were) nicer and safer than Qt signals. Probably the nicest C++ language binding I've used.

That said, I ran into minor issues with unwrapped new functionality, and the very occasional bug. Not blockers, just temporary annoyances. But underlying bugs which are still unfixed were rather more serious, like Glade UIs losing all their accelerators when you reparent them into a new window ( Quite a common thing to do if you want all your main UIs as embeddable custom widgets constructed from data rather than code. May be fixed by GTKbuilder, but I haven't tried that; it was still missing some required functionality last time I looked so I stuck with libglademm. These unfixed fairly fundamental things ultimately led to GTK being dropped. Today, there isn't even an upgrade path from .glade to .builder; it was stripped out of glade so you can't even open them. The code will remain using GTK2 GTKmm/libglademm indefinitely; it's not currently worth the expense of a port to GTK3 (it provides zero benefit); it would be less effort to convert from GTKmm directly to Qt should moving from GTK2 be required.

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