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Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Posted May 20, 2014 6:23 UTC (Tue) by boudewijn (subscriber, #14185)
In reply to: Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector by ovitters
Parent article: Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

The sentence you quoted does not translate as "I dislike it" -- it's a pretty accurate observation and a good reason not to use the library. The development of GTK is haphazard, with a utility appearing here, and a new popup widget there, and then no ports to windows, then a port for windows, now everyone port to GTK3, now please don't, wait for GTK4, here a change to the theming system, there a new, and broken, CSS styling thing. It's not something that inspires confidence.

Mind you, if you closely follow Qt development, there's plenty in there that came about in the same fashion -- often the same things, even, like CCS-like styling. The difference is, it's almost always well-documented.

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Clasen: Introducing GtkInspector

Posted May 20, 2014 7:34 UTC (Tue) by ovitters (subscriber, #27950) [Link]

Ok, saying again what I stated before: Just repeating haphazard and saying it is true doesn't make people want to read any further.

It seems you repeat what others are saying. I'm repeating it is pretty useless what you're doing. Theming is NOT guaranteed to be stable. Complaining about that or having to resort to that is pretty pointless. Same for other things that you highlight.

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