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A cash crunch at the GNOME Foundation

A cash crunch at the GNOME Foundation

Posted Apr 14, 2014 22:43 UTC (Mon) by bojan (subscriber, #14302)
In reply to: A cash crunch at the GNOME Foundation by ovitters
Parent article: A cash crunch at the GNOME Foundation

> - responding to usability studies with details about "with pixels going over the wire" (I don't get the relation...)

Exactly, you don't.

Try running Gnome 3 over xrdp/VNC on a real remote location and see how _slow_ it is when you enter Activities (hint every damn pixel gets changed at least twice). Instead of saying that you cannot do usability studies, how about doing a common sense thing - using Gnome 3 remotely (over a real, inter-continental line) and seeing what gives. Or, I don't know, hearing what people that are doing that are telling you?

> - saying we don't have common sense (I don't get the constructive bit...)

See above about just one aspect of common sense. Let me give you another, really quickly.

Consider notification system. What would a "reasonable" man say the purpose of it is? To deliver notifications, right? OK, I get it. People forget things, so they have these newfangled things called computers to remind them. Right.

So, when a notification flashes while I'm doing shit and then disappears without any trace from my screen, why is it that system for delivering notifications isn't notifying me that I have notifications? You know, the common sense thing to do, like on Android, for instance. Instead, I get a lecture on how I'm distracted.

See, that right there is constructive criticism. I am telling you what and how to do better.

> - claiming you're not getting all kinds of answers (I didn't write those, you ignored most of what I wrote...)

I don't care about answers here that much, to be honest. Gnome 3 apologists always have something, but that is not that important. We are at 3.12 now - you know - 7th release. And still, the basics are just as screwed as before.

Sure, animations work just fine...

> It seems you're trying to give me a response so you can cry foul. As said before: you've been negative for multiple years and still respond in every article. I find it a little bit strange, I didn't say go elsewhere. +1 on still crying foul though! :-P

Sorry, you're right. I'll stop filling bugs. That's just too negative. :-)

Oh, and BTW, it was you that mentioned usability studies.

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A cash crunch at the GNOME Foundation

Posted Apr 15, 2014 8:16 UTC (Tue) by ovitters (subscriber, #27950) [Link]

> Exactly, you don't.

Saying we could do better in one case doesn't mean I am saying everything else is great. Filing bugs is always good and appreciated. But I feel like not holding anything red but a bull still chasing after me. I rather step out of this cage, thanks.

a bull still chasing after me.

Posted Apr 15, 2014 14:26 UTC (Tue) by Wol (guest, #4433) [Link]

But that's how they feel. I suspect we have a language/culture issue here getting in the way of understanding - English clearly isn't your native language.

There's no intent of attacking you, it's just that frustration is boiling over because a two-way conversation seems to be impossible - we seem to be talking past each other not with each other.


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