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The Success of Gentoo

The Success of Gentoo

Posted Nov 20, 2003 11:37 UTC (Thu) by Felix.Braun (subscriber, #3032)
Parent article: The Success of Gentoo

Of course, portage is Gentoo's most shining feature (as it deserves to be) but there are a lot of other things that Gentoo does differntly from other distributions that should be mentioned as well.

The init script system is well engineered because it allows individual packages to drop their scripts into a directory. If the system administrator then adds them to a runlevel, they are started at the right time in the boot process while automatically keeping track of system dependencies.

Similarly the administration of environment variables is done in an extensible and well thought-out way. If packages require environment variables to be set, they can drop them into a directory which is then scanned to produce an automatically updated environment.

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The Success of Gentoo

Posted Nov 20, 2003 12:21 UTC (Thu) by alspnost (guest, #2763) [Link]

Quite right - these are all some of the nifty features that got me hooked on Gentoo, beyond just the package management. Essentially, you get the impression that they've actually thought about how things *should* be, and made an effort to improve on some of the long-standing niggles of Linux systems. Gentoo is therefore non-standard, which some might see as a bad thing, but I just see it as better ;-)

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