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Security quotes of the week

The real damage may come in the years ahead if businesses decide to invest less in Turkey because of the uncertainty around the free flow of information. While social media sites are not necessarily central to many business operations, if Twitter and YouTube can be blocked today, what about Gmail or Dropbox tomorrow? As Egypt probably learned in 2011, tampering with the Internet is not the best way to build an economy in an Internet-dependent world.
Earl Zmijewski

The best we have are caveat-laden pseudo-assurances. At SXSW earlier this month, CEO Eric Schmidt tried to reassure the audience by saying that he was "pretty sure that information within Google is now safe from any government's prying eyes." A more accurate statement might be, "Your data is safe from governments, except for the ways we don't know about and the ways we cannot tell you about. And, of course, we still have complete access to it all, and can sell it at will to whomever we want." That's a lousy marketing pitch, but as long as the NSA is allowed to operate using secret court orders based on secret interpretations of secret law, it'll never be any different.
Bruce Schneier
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Security quotes of the week

Posted Apr 3, 2014 22:44 UTC (Thu) by PaulWay (subscriber, #45600) [Link]

Re Turkey's ban on Twitter - I believe there was a credible article (although I'm having trouble finding it again) that said that the reason Erdogan blocked Twitter in Turkey was because this is part of his tactics to convince his supporter that social media is some kind of moral danger. I think he knew that he couldn't actually block it, any more than one can block drugs from entering Turkey. But having all these outraged youngsters defying the ban and all this international pressure to lift it is good publicity for a conservative politician appealing to older people in a society where tradition and "family values" still hold a lot of weight.

Just a thought.


Security quotes of the week

Posted Apr 3, 2014 23:06 UTC (Thu) by raven667 (subscriber, #5198) [Link]

It can be hard sometimes to have a theory of mind which is expansive enough to empathize and put yourself in the shoes of another to be able to understand what they are doing any why from their perspective rather than from your own. This may be a reasonable explanation, it is hard to know from the outside what actions are intended to pander to a local audience and what actions are intended to warn an international audience and what actions aren't sending a message at all but are actually sincere attempts.

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