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What's new in OpenSSH 6.5 (and 6.6)

What's new in OpenSSH 6.5 (and 6.6)

Posted Mar 25, 2014 12:12 UTC (Tue) by nix (subscriber, #2304)
In reply to: What's new in OpenSSH 6.5 (and 6.6) by djm
Parent article: What's new in OpenSSH 6.5 (and 6.6)

I have wanted OpenSSH to canonicalize hostnames for years and years (I have some hosts with hundreds of CNAMEs, and cannot control which one users will choose to ssh to, leading to huge lists of names in ssh_config), but it was tricky to see how to canonicalize hostnames reliably without depending on a possibly-hostile DNS server (the rationale given by original-SSH for avoiding canonicalization in the first place).

So I'm very glad that you've found a way round this!

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