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Posted Mar 21, 2014 15:54 UTC (Fri) by jezuch (subscriber, #52988)
In reply to: Curve25519 by djm
Parent article: What's new in OpenSSH 6.5 (and 6.6)

> That's one of the benefits of Curve25519 - there are no magic constants

...except for the curve's parameters, of course :) [You already have one magic constant in the name!]

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Posted Mar 21, 2014 20:06 UTC (Fri) by nybble41 (subscriber, #55106) [Link]

The parameters for Curve25519 aren't "magic", they're the smallest values which have the necessary characteristics, as cesarb already explained here: The name is a reference to the prime number the curve is based on, 2^255-19.


Posted Mar 21, 2014 20:14 UTC (Fri) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

The thought is that the curve parameters aren't "magic", the reasons for what they are have been explained, including why they are the smallest ones they can be.

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