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Using git and make for tasks beyond coding

Using git and make for tasks beyond coding

Posted Mar 6, 2014 18:32 UTC (Thu) by PaulMcKenney (subscriber, #9624)
In reply to: Using git and make for tasks beyond coding by PaulMcKenney
Parent article: Using git and make for tasks beyond coding

Installed the current version of pandoc. Created .epub and .epub3 files from a flattened version of perfbook.tex using this:

pandoc -o perfbook_flat.epub3 +RTS -K100000k -RTS perfbook_flat.tex

It does convert much of the text, and the hotlinks seem to work for the most part, anyway. In happy contrast to latex2html, it does show all the text in figures containing text (but less happily loses the indentation). It does not include the bibliography, and doesn't find the figures despite having .dvi, .eps, and .pdf versions of them available (it complains when making a .epub, but silently fails to show the images in .epub3). It does not create tables, instead leaving the "&" characters from the raw latex input.

I am using fbreader to look at the output, so it is possible that some of these problems are fbreader's rather than pandoc's.

Looking through the "pandoc --help" output...

The -N and --chapter options look useful, but don't affect the output. The --listings option looked helpful, but it does not restore indentation in the listings.


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