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staging: Drivers to support Unisys Secure Partitioning

From:  "Ken Cox" <>
Subject:  [patch 0/8] staging: Drivers to support Unisys Secure Partitioning
Date:  Mon, 03 Mar 2014 11:01:14 -0600
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article

This series includes a base set of drivers for the Unisys s-Par system.
This set of drivers is enough to get a virtual guest up and running on s-Par
hardware.  The remaining drivers needed to have a fully functional system 
will be submitted after review of this initial set.

s-Par is firmware that provides hardware partitioning capabilities for
splitting large-scale Intel x86 servers into multiple isolated
partitions. s-Par provides a set of para-virtualized device drivers to
allow guest partitions on the same server to share devices that  would
normally be unsharable; specifically, PCI network interfaces and host
bus adapters that do not support shared access via SR-IOV. The shared
device is owned and managed by a small, single-purpose service
partition, which communicates with each guest partition sharing that
device through an area of shared memory called a channel. Additional
drivers provide support interfaces for communicating with s-Par
services, logging and diagnostics, and accessing the Linux console
from the s-Par user interface.

The driver stack consists of a set of support modules, a set of bus
modules, and a set of device driver modules. The support modules
handle a number of common functions across each of the other
drivers. The bus modules provide organization for the device driver
modules, which provide the shared device functionality.

These drivers are for the Unisys virtual PCI hardware model where the
hypervisor need not intervene (other than normal interrupt handling)
in the interactions between the client drivers and the virtual adapter
firmware in the adapter service partition.

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