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C11 atomic variables and the kernel

C11 atomic variables and the kernel

Posted Feb 28, 2014 17:01 UTC (Fri) by khim (subscriber, #9252)
In reply to: C11 atomic variables and the kernel by mathstuf
Parent article: C11 atomic variables and the kernel

Don't you argue that mobile devices are eating other form factor's lunches?

Well, sure.

They're all 32-bit last I checked where address space is at a premium.

It's good idea to check things more often than once per decade. Have you head about this phone? How about this CPU or that one?

And I don't see where you get the notion that 32-bit implies “address space is at a premium”: typical mobile OS does not use swap and keeps many applications in memory at the same time. Any given application can only use 128MB or so. You can easily give allocate 16MB or 32MB of address space for heavy worker threads - more then enough for alloca.

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