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Lawrence Lessig on East-Coast vs West-Coast code

Lawrence Lessig on East-Coast vs West-Coast code

Posted Feb 28, 2014 7:31 UTC (Fri) by dgm (subscriber, #49227)
In reply to: Lawrence Lessig on East-Coast vs West-Coast code by NAR
Parent article: Lawrence Lessig on East-Coast vs West-Coast code

> I don't think it is possible to ban this proxy-campaigning without curtailing freedom of speech.

I don't get that. What does it have to do with freedom of speech? It's about the money, not about what people say.

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Lawrence Lessig on East-Coast vs West-Coast code

Posted Feb 28, 2014 20:04 UTC (Fri) by raven667 (subscriber, #5198) [Link]

I think the concern is how and where do you draw lines. Is it OK for someone to stand on a street corner and say "Vote for Bob" , what about handing out leaflets printed at Kinkos saying "Vote for Bob", what about taking out an ad in the local paper, or local TV, or Google Adwords or a TV ad during the Super Bowl? What about a TV personality or columnist taking a position for Candidate Bob? Is it different if you pay for these things yourself (leaflets from Kinkos) or get a bunch of friends to pay together, what about anonymous donations via Paypal? What about paying for hosting a political blog.

If we say that you can't pay to have leaflets printed or pay for hosting a blog because that is using money to expand the reach of your political speech that affects you and me just as much as David Koch, where do you draw the line and how do you draw the line.

The judiciary is the unit of government tasked with making these kinds of human value judgements (they are called Judges) and they often deal with ambiguity ("I'll know pornography when I see it"), do we apply the same judgement of "I'll know paid-for political speech when I see it". This seems to have worked differently in the past, for all the young people who only are familiar with the current political climate it might be worthwhile to explain how it actually worked before when there seemed to be more restraint on independent political ads and groups.

Lawrence Lessig on East-Coast vs West-Coast code

Posted Mar 3, 2014 5:16 UTC (Mon) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

not to mention the problem of statements by public figures and the press

is this article really a new item? or is it a camouflaged way to support one candidate or undermine another?

At what point are people not allowed to tak because of how many people will hear them?

what about radio/TV/Internet personalities who's entire shows are talking about politics? how to they fit into such draconian spending limits? who decides? (the same people who decided that the IRS investigations of non-profits were legit???)


This is why limiting spending on campaigns is hard to do in practice without infringing on free speach.

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