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Two new Debian installers

Two new Debian installers

Posted Nov 14, 2003 13:00 UTC (Fri) by ametlwn (subscriber, #10544)
Parent article: Two new Debian installers

Even worse, it does not provide a way to go back and change options during configuration. For example, if a user forgets the distinction between the various Exim configuration options, they cannot cycle back to re-read the descriptions of Exim's default configurations.

While you are configuring exim4 (which afaik is suppposed to be sarge's default MTA) you can go back to the previous exim-question, it depends on the debconf-frontend how this function is invoked. - The Gnome frontend has a <Back>-button, the dialog-frontend uses <cancel> for this purpose and the readline-frontend uses Pageup (or ctrl-u). The going back is limited to the questions of the currently configured package, though.

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