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Quotes of the week

Let me also stress that although very exciting, this effort is still experimental, so I would like to make sure that nobody makes excessive expectations based on these few patches. The scope of this work is strictly limited to Tegra (although given the similarities desktop GPU support will certainly benefit from it indirectly), and we do not have any plan to work on user-space support. So do not uninstall that proprietary driver just yet. ;)
— NVIDIA's Alexandre Courbot contributes to Nouveau

Hey, this time I'm raising a thumb for nvidia.
Linus Torvalds

At Korea Linux Forum last fall, Linus asked, haven't I been hearing about Tux3 for ten years? I said, no, that was Tux2, completely different. You only heard about Tux3 for six years.
Daniel Phillips
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Congratulations to nouveau!

Posted Feb 6, 2014 19:02 UTC (Thu) by proski (subscriber, #104) [Link]

It's a big moral victory for nouveau. NVidia cannot ignore a free driver anymore. Nouveau may not be as good as the proprietary driver, but it's what people use because it's good enough and well integrated with the distributions. It's also a victory for NVidia, they are not so evil now as they used to be.

Congratulations to nouveau!

Posted Feb 12, 2014 16:45 UTC (Wed) by jhoblitt (subscriber, #77733) [Link]

I wonder if an OEM mandated a FOSS driver in order for tegra to be selected over competing SoCs?

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