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Of bytes and encoded strings

Of bytes and encoded strings

Posted Jan 27, 2014 21:25 UTC (Mon) by nevyn (subscriber, #33129)
In reply to: Of bytes and encoded strings by epa
Parent article: Of bytes and encoded strings

> Python 2 has "Unicode and UTF-8 support" too.

Nice snip of the backwards compat. part, in your reply. Or maybe you were confused about what that meant (hint any python string op. being able to throw an exception is not very compatible with anything).

> This article is about a transition to a more explicit and safer way to handle the difference between byte strings and character strings.

It's different. And I guess going from "the obvious thing will throw a program ending exception sometimes, when you least expect it" to "the obvious thing will never work" is a bit safer ... it might be nice if something obvious actually worked though. Something to look forward to for py4k.

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