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: Release of nftables 0.099

From:  Patrick McHardy <>
Subject:  [ANNOUNCE]: Release of nftables 0.099
Date:  Mon, 20 Jan 2014 13:11:33 +0000
Message-ID:  <20140120131132.GA32427@macbook.localnet>
Archive-link:  Article

The Netfilter project presents:

        nftables 0.099

With the release of Linux 3.13 and almost 5 years after the last nftables
release, the time has come to finally get this code out to our users.

Since this is the first regular release intended for users, I'm including
a bit of extra information.


nf_tables is the new firewalling infrastructure in the Linux kernel,
intended to replace ip_tables, ip6_tables, arp_tables and ebtables
in the long term. nftables is the corresponsing userspace frontend,
replacing their respective userspace utilities.

nftables features native support for sets and dictionaries of arbitrary
types, support for many different protocols, meta data types, connection
tracking, NAT, logging, atomic incremental and full ruleset updates,
a netlink API with notification support, a format grammar, a compatiblity
layer for iptables/ip6tables and more.

While the internal architecture is fundamentally different from
ip_tables etc, many of the well proven concepts like tables and chains
have been retained. The syntax differs significantly from iptables
and friends, most notable, the options style parsing has been replaced
by a formal grammar and a set of keywords. For anyone familiar with
BPF the syntax should be quite easy to learn.


As mentioned previously, the architecture differs significantly from
the existing packet filtering mechanisms. While ip_tables etc. include
special modules for each and every protocol they support, for each meta
data type etc and each each of these modules implement a set of usually
similar operations on this data, nftables contains a small evaluation
engine (sometimes called a virtual machine) with extensions to support
getting packet payload data, meta data, ... and performing operations
with this data, altering flow control and so on.

The userspace frontend performs parsing of the ruleset and compiles it
into instructions for the virtual machine. F.i. while an iptables tcp
dport match would instruct the xt_tcpudp module to compare the TCP port
number, nftables userspace emits instructions to load 2 bytes at the
position network header + 2 into a so called register and a second
instruction to compare that register to a given value. IOW, the kernel
doesn't require knowledge of particular protocols, support for them
can in most cases be added completely in the nftables frontend.

Data gathered from the packet (or elsewhere) can not only be used for
matches (called relational expressions in nftables), but for dynamically
parameterizing other extensions. F.i. the following expression would
select the DNAT destination address based on the source address of the

... dnat ip saddr map { :, :,
	* : 

while the following expression would store the input interface index
in the upper 8 bits of the packet mark to be used in the POSTROUTING 
hook where it is not available anymore:

... mark set iif

Similar to ip_tables, rules are organized in address family specific
tables and chains. The kernel doesn't include any pre-defined tables
anymore, they can be created at will from userspace. Special features
of tables like the NAT table and mangle table are available as so
called "chain types", which instruct nftables to perform operations
like setting up NAT mappings or rerouting packets after remarking.
A set of predefined tables corresponding to the tables existing in
ip_tables etc is contained in nftables.

Dictionaries, as shown in the previous dnat example, can not only
be used for parameterizing different extensions, but also to alter
control flow, allowing to build match trees with efficient branching:

... iif vmap {
	eth0 : jump from_lan,
	eth1 : jump from_dmz,
	eth2 : jump from_wan,
	*    : drop,


There are still a few rough edges, but we believe the code is ready
to be used for testing and personal usage. It is not ready for
production use, but we should be getting there quickly. Userspace
may occasionally produce an unexpected error for uncommon cases,
the kernel side is expected to be pretty much solid. Any bugs
reported will be fixed quickly.

While trying to avoid it when possible, until the 0.1 release we may
still change the grammar or other things in incompatible ways. This
should result in only small impact though, most of the grammar is
expected to stay as it is.


nftables releases have names. The last release v0.01-alpha1 was named
schäublefilter, honoring the minister of the interieur of Germany,
Wolfgang Schäuble, and his attempts to introduce legislation to allow
the state to crack computers.

Owing to the fact that his term is over since over four years and that
in retrospective his attempts really seem only alpha, the new release
is named keith-alexander-filter, in celebration of not being backdoored
by the NSA so far.


The nftables code can be obtained from:

* git://

To build the code, you libnftnl and libmnl are required:


The iptables compatibility layer is available at:

* git://

The code should appear on the website and FTP shortly.

Further reading

While documentation is still scarce at the moment, the next release
will include a full command reference and further documentation.

The project page on contains some further pointers:

Eric Leblond has written a short howto:

and has given a presentation on nftables:

My first presentation on nftables during NFWS 2008 in Paris:

And there's a Wiki-page with some further information on the basic
building blocks, the syntax ...:


A lot of people have started contributing to nftables during the past
1.5 years and helped to get both the kernel and userspace components in
shape for merging and release. Pablo revived the project after I stopped
working on it for quite a while, Eric Leblond, Tomasz Burstyka, Arturo 
Borrero, Alvaro Neira and Giuseppe Longo all made important contributions
to nftables and the surrounding infrastructure.

On behalf of the Netfilter Core Team,
Happy bytecode execution :)

Ana Rey (1):
      nft: scanner: fixed problem with ipv6 address

Arturo Borrero (2):
      nftables: delete debian/ directory
      mnl: fix inconsistent name usage in nft_*_nlmsg_build_hdr calls

Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (2):
      src: fix return code
      files: replace interpreter during installation

Eric Leblond (23):
      rule: add flag to display rule handle as comment
      doc: fix inversion of operator and object.
      rule: list elements in set in any case
      cli: add quit command
      cli: reset terminal when CTRL+d is pressed
      rule: display hook info
      src: fix counter restoration
      src: Add support for insertion inside rule list
      src: Add icmpv6 support
      nat: add mandatory family attribute
      Suppress non working examples.
      Update chain creation format.
      display family in table listing
      netlink: fix IPv6 prefix computation
      src: Add support for IPv6 NAT
      mnl: fix typo in comment
      netlink: suppress useless variable
      netlink: only flush asked table/chain
      netlink: fix nft flush operation
      expression: fix indent
      jump: fix logic in netlink linearize
      verdict: fix delinearize in case of jump
      netlink: only display wanted chain in listing

Florian Westphal (3):
      log: s/threshold/queue-threshold/
      meta: iif/oifname should be host byte order
      statement: avoid huge rodata array

Kevin Fenzi (1):
      nftables: drop hard coded install using root user owner and group

Pablo Neira (1):
      expression: fix output of verdict maps

Pablo Neira Ayuso (63):
      tests: fix test, commands now comes before the family and table name
      rule: allow to list of existing tables
      rule: fix nft list chain
      netlink: return error if chain not found
      main: fix error checking in nft_parse
      tests: family-ipv4: update test to use current syntax
      tests: expr-ct: update examples to use the current syntax
      src: fix crash if nft -f wrong_file is passed
      tests: family-ipv6: update to use the current syntax
      payload: accept ethertype in hexadecimal
      tests: family-bridge: update to use the current syntax
      tests: feat-adjancent-load-merging: remove ip protocol from rule
      meta: accept uid/gid in numerical
      tests: expr-meta: update examples to use the current syntax
      tests: obj-chain: update examples to use the current syntax
      tests: dictionary: update examples to use the current syntax
      tests: set: update examples to use the current syntax
      tests: obj-table: update examples to use the current syntax
      cli: complete basic functionality of the interactive mode
      datatype: concat expression only releases dynamically allocated datatype
      evaluate: fix range and comparison evaluation
      src: get it sync with current include/linux/netfilter/nf_tables.h
      rule: family field in struct handle is unsigned
      meta: use if_nametoindex and if_indextoname
      meta: replace rtnl_tc_handle2str and rtnl_tc_str2handle
      src: use libnftables
      netlink: fix network address prefix
      datatype: fix table listing if name resolution is not available
      mnl: use nft_*_list_add_tail
      datatype: fix crash if wrong integer type is passed
      log: convert group and qthreshold to use u16
      datatype: fix wrong endianess in numeric ports
      src: allow to specify the base chain type
      meta: fix output display of meta length
      datatype: fix mark parsing if string is used
      payload: fix endianess of ARP operation code
      netlink: use uint32_t instead of size_t for attribute length
      src: add rule batching support
      netlink_linearize: finish reject support
      payload: fix ethernet type protocol matching
      parser: fix warning on deprecated directive in bison
      build: relax compilation not to break on warning
      datatype: fix missing nul-terminated string in string_type_print
      netlink: improve rule deletion per chain
      meta: fix endianness in UID/GID
      meta: relax restriction on UID/GID parsing
      src: fix rule flushing atomically
      mnl: don't set NLM_F_ACK flag in mnl_nft_rule_batch_[add|del]
      mnl: print netlink message if if --debug=netlink in mnl_talk()
      netlink: fix dictionary feature with data mappings
      netlink: fix wrong type in attributes
      scanner: rename address selector from 'eth' to 'ether'
      scanner: add aliases to symbols for easier interaction with most shells
      segtree: add new segtree debugging option
      netlink: use stdout for debugging
      parser: fix parsing of ethernet protocol types
      payload: fix crash when wrong ethernet protocol type is used
      payload: fix inconsistency in ethertype output
      src: add new --debug=mnl option to enable libmnl debugging
      src: use ':' instead of '=>' in dictionaries
      datatype: add time type parser and adapt output
      mnl: fix chain type autoloading
      use new libnftnl library name

Patrick McHardy (96):
      build: work around docbook2x-man inability to specify output file
      templates: add IPv6 raw table template
      netlink: wrap libnl object dumping in #ifdef DEBUG
      lexer: fix some whitespace errors
      Fix use of reserved names in header sandwich
      kill obsolete TODO item
      Allow newlines in sets and maps
      Allow newlines in regular maps
      build: remove double subdir in build output
      build: fix installation when docs are not built
      Add installation instructions
      parser: fix common_block usage in chain and table blocks
      parser: consistently use $@ for location of entire grouping
      Add support for scoping and symbol binding
      Add support for user-defined symbolic constants
      Add more notes to INSTALL
      expr: add support for cloning expressions
      Fix multiple references to the same user defined symbolic expression
      Release scopes during cleanup
      Fix some memory leaks
      netlink_linearize: remove two debugging printfs
      ct: resync netlink header and properly add ct l3protocol support
      netlink: add helper function for socket callback modification
      netlink: consistent naming fixes
      netlink: use libnl OBJ_CAST macro
      netlink: move data related functions to netlink.c
      datatype: maintain table of all datatypes and add registration/lookup function
      datatype: add/move size and byte order information into data types
      expressions: kill seperate sym_type datatype for symbols
      add support for new set API and standalone sets
      debug: allow runtime control of debugging output
      netlink: fix bitmask element reconstruction
      netlink: dump all chains when listing rules
      netlink: fix binop RHS byteorder
      payload: add DCCP packet type definitions
      payload: fix two datatypes
      parser: support bison >= 2.4
      build: add 'archive' target
      build: fix endless recursion with SUBDIRS=...
      debug: properly parse debug levels
      netlink: fix byteorder of RHS of relational meta expression
      utils: fix invalid assertion in xrealloc()
      netlink: fix creation of base chains with hooknum and priority 0
      payload: fix crash with uncombinable protocols
      netlink: fix nat stmt linearization/parsing
      nat: validate protocol context when performing transport protocol mappings
      netlink: add debugging for missing objects
      don't use internal_location for files specified on command line
      datatype: reject incompletely parsed integers in integer_type_parse()
      add bridge filter table definitions
      parser: fix parsing protocol names for protocols which are also keywords
      evaluate: reintroduce type chekcs for relational expressions
      segtree: fix segtree to properly support mappings
      tests: add verdict map test
      seqtree: update mapping data when keeping the base
      payload: kill redundant payload protocol expressions during netlink postprocessing
      expression: fix constant expression splicing
      rules: change rule handle to 64 bit
      netlink: fix endless loop on 64 bit when parsing binops
      sets: fix sets using intervals
      rule: reenable adjacent payload merging
      cmd: fix handle use after free for implicit set declarations
      tests: add loop detection tests
      netlink: fix query requests
      chains: add chain rename support
      rule: add rule insertion (prepend) support
      chains: add rename testcases
      netlink_delinearize: don't reset source register after read
      expr: kill EXPR_F_PRIMARY
      datatype: parse/print in all basetypes subsequently
      types: add ethernet address type
      expr: fix concat expression type propagation
      cmd/netlink: make sure we always have a location in netlink operations
      mark: fix numeric mark value parsing
      expr: catch missing and excess elements in concatenations
      parser: include leading '.' in concat subexpression location
      parser: fix size of internet protocol expressions matching keywords
      nftables: fix supression of "permission denied" errors
      nftables: shorten "could not process rule in batch" message
      erec: fix error markup for errors starting at column 0
      datatype: revert "fix crash if wrong integer type is passed"
      meta: fix crash when parsing unresolvable mark values
      parser: replace "vmap" keyword by "map"
      Revert "parser: replace "vmap" keyword by "map""
      expr: remove secmark from ct and meta expression
      meta: don't require "meta" keyword for a subset of meta expressions
      meta: fix mismerge
      payload: fix name of eth_proto
      expr: relational: don't surpress '==' for LHS binops in output
      parser: fix compilation breakage
      segtree: only use prefix expressions for ranges for selected datatypes
      segtree: fix decomposition of unclosed intervals
      build: fix recursive parser.h inclusion
      set: make set flags output parsable
      set: make set initializer parsable
      nftables: version 0.099

Phil Oester (8):
      datatype: validate port number in inet_service_type_parse
      datatype: allow protocols by number in inet_protocol_type_parse
      nftables: add additional --numeric level
      src: operational limit match
      parser: segfault in top scope define
      examples: adjust new chain type syntax in sets_and_maps file
      rule: missing set cleanup in do_command_list
      parser: add 'delete map' syntax

Romain Bignon (1):
      help: fix of the -I option in help display

Tomasz Bursztyka (11):
      netlink: Use the right datatype for verdict
      evaluate: Remove useless variable in expr_evaluate_bitwise()
      erec: Handle returned value properly in erec_print
      expression: Differentiate expr among anonymous structures in struct expr
      src: Fix base chain printing
      INSTALL: Update dependency list and repository URLs
      src: Wrap netfilter hooks around human readable strings
      src: Add priority keyword on base chain description
      tests: Update bate chain creation according to latest syntax changes
      src: Better error reporting if chain type is invalid
      include: cache a copy of nfnetlink.h

root (1):
      debug: include verbose message in all BUG statements

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