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Security quotes of the week

When [UK Prime Minister] David Cameron told the nation's ISPs to turn on the censorware, he had the DCMS [Department for Culture, Media & Sport] order them to "continue to refine and improve their filters to ensure they do not – even unintentionally – filter out legitimate content." This is a nonsense. If DCMS wanted to attain this goal even partway, it would mandate that the publication of the list of blocked sites, open to scrutiny and debate (just as film- and game-ratings are), and publication of the criteria by which the list was formed.

That probably still wouldn't work very well, but it would at least show willing to prevent overblocking. To do any less is to tacitly admit that the whole thing is a publicity stunt from a government that is totally depraved in its indifference to the consequences of unaccountable censorship.

Cory Doctorow

I had to wait for the rest of the technology infrastructure to catch up to make it possible to do secure telephony. PGP was kind of a detour for me while waiting for the rest of the technology to catch up to make really good secure telephony possible.
— PGP creator Phil Zimmermann on Blackphone in ars technica
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