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LWN's unreliable 2014 predictions

LWN's unreliable 2014 predictions

Posted Jan 6, 2014 10:06 UTC (Mon) by kleptog (subscriber, #1183)
In reply to: LWN's unreliable 2014 predictions by marcH
Parent article: LWN's unreliable 2014 predictions

For the rest of the world the issue is different, for two reasons I think:

- Many of the major websites (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc) fall under US jurisdiction which makes it easier for the NSA to get access than it would be elsewhere in the world. Sure, search engines in China probably respond to the Chinese equivalent, but who outside China uses a chinese search engine?

The Belgacom incident was revealing though.

- I would not be surprised if the NSA received more funding than all equivalent agencies in the rest of the world combined. I know in my country the equivalent agency is essentially starved. They do interesting things, but are not capable of anything at the level of the NSA.

Arguably the best way to keep something like the NSA under control would be to starve them of funding.

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