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Quotes of the week[s]

Quotes of the week[s]

Posted Jan 5, 2014 13:23 UTC (Sun) by anselm (subscriber, #2796)
In reply to: Quotes of the week[s] by jackb
Parent article: Quotes of the week[s]

My approach would probably be to use transport_maps to select the appropriate transport out of a set of SMTP transports (one per upstream mail provider) based on the destination address, and to use one generic map per SMTP transport, defined via a command-line option on that transport's definition in to fix up the »From« as required for that provider. I haven't tested it but it should do what is needed. At least it moves the configuration from the MUA to the MTA so it needs to be set up in one place only rather than once per device.

You need smtp_generic_maps (which is handled by Postfix's SMTP client) and not something like sender_canonical_maps (which is handled by the incoming-mail part of Postfix) because you're dealing with outgoing mail depending on where it is going.

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