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Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

Posted Jan 2, 2014 13:05 UTC (Thu) by xav (subscriber, #18536)
Parent article: LWN's unreliable 2014 predictions

In 2014 LWN will be usable on mobile browsers.

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Wishful thinking

Posted Jan 2, 2014 18:25 UTC (Thu) by philipstorry (subscriber, #45926) [Link]

What mobile browser are you using?

This reply comes via Firefox on Android. Prior to that, I used Opera Mobile on both Android and - in the dim and distant past - Nokia Symbian S60.

Frankly, I find the simple layout and lack of clutter worked brilliantly on all of those, and continues to do so... So I'm very curious to see what mobile browser can possibly do such a bad job as to warrant this comment!
(Just so I can avoid it...)

Wishful thinking

Posted Jan 2, 2014 19:46 UTC (Thu) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

if the screen is too narrow the fixed size left column is a problem

Wishful thinking

Posted Jan 9, 2014 15:10 UTC (Thu) by njwhite (guest, #51848) [Link]

Adding ?format=printable to any lwn url makes the left column go away. But as far as I know there's no option to have that for all pages by default.

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