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SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

Posted Dec 20, 2013 8:17 UTC (Fri) by boucman2 (subscriber, #81743)
In reply to: SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives by jezuch
Parent article: SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

there is a bit of misunderstanding on what exactly is real-time here...

real-time is only about guarenteed response time on the kernel level. it won't change the frame rate unless the whole graphic stack is made realtime... and afaik is not. So I wouldn't expect any real gain here...

which again asks the question "why the realtime patch"

it's not a bad thing per-se, and the patch is used in some very demanding situations so it's already heavily tested... but why ?

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SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

Posted Dec 20, 2013 13:24 UTC (Fri) by mjg59 (subscriber, #23239) [Link]

The real-time patch is present in the source package because Debian build both real-time and vanilla versions of the kernel. The SteamOS binary package contains the vanilla kernel, not the real-time one.

SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

Posted Dec 24, 2013 1:21 UTC (Tue) by gabrbedd (guest, #90145) [Link]

It's audio and haptics that stand to benefit the most from an RT-patch kernel, not video. While the difference between a 1ms and 8ms response will be nil as far as video is concerned... it's not unreasonable that some people will hear/feel the difference.

Also, in practice the scheduler for the RT-patch kernel is a little more reliable for SCHED_FIFO threads/processes. This allows them to run smaller rendering buffers without fear that the buffer will under-run because they didn't get scheduled at the right time.

You can get "good" results with a vanilla kernel (in practice, around 20ms). With an RT-patch you can potentially get "better." Most probably won't notice the difference, but some might.

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