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SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

Posted Dec 19, 2013 14:12 UTC (Thu) by n8willis (subscriber, #43041)
In reply to: SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives by rahvin
Parent article: SteamOS beta "Alchemist" arrives

Believe me, I don't "struggle" with the intent of the SteamOS/SteamMachine experience at all; I was at Gabe's keynote for LCNA and he's perfectly clear about what they're doing. Where they plan to head -- if anywhere -- on the "desktop experience" available in SteamOS is what they're not clear about. It could be nowhere; i.e., they're just making desktop access possible because people would ask for it if it wasn't there, and they know enough to see that there's more to gain by giving us free-software nuts access to things than there is by attempting some sort of lockdown that definitely wouldn't keep people out anyway.


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Posted Dec 19, 2013 21:00 UTC (Thu) by cesarb (subscriber, #6266) [Link]

A "desktop mode" makes sense for development and debugging.

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