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Quotes of the week

Remember kids, Orca knows (and speaks, and displays in braille) your secret UI hacks. :)
Joanmarie Diggs, advising careless coders that hidden labels aren't so hidden to the Accessibility Toolkit.

This is sort of fun as a way to walk through the visual history of GNOME but isn't a very nice face to present to the world.
Jon McCann on the downside of using static pages for GNOME's public web presence.

Back when PHP had less than 100 functions and the function hashing mechanism was strlen(). In order to get a nice hash distribution of function names across the various function name lengths names were picked specifically to make them fit into a specific length bucket. This was circa late 1994 when PHP was a tool just for my own personal use and I wasn't too worried about not being able to remember the few function names.
Rasmus Lerdorf

Lonely is the user who searches the Internet for an error message and only finds the source code that generates it.
"Command Line Magic" (hat tip to Reinout van Schouwen.)

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