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The Btrfs filesystem: An introduction

The Btrfs filesystem: An introduction

Posted Dec 13, 2013 15:48 UTC (Fri) by jezuch (subscriber, #52988)
In reply to: The Btrfs filesystem: An introduction by jezuch
Parent article: The Btrfs filesystem: An introduction

Oh, and BTW: my / contains only the things that I can lose and/or can be easily restored (like the operating system) so I'm not *that* crazy to give all my precious data to an experimental FS ;) (My precious data is on a RAID'ed XFS partition on at least two plain-old, trusted rotating-rust drives; the root is on an old-ish SSD from Intel.)

But I really like snapshotting. It revolutionized the way I do custom builds of Debian packages: create a snapshot, make a mess (installing build-dependencies etc.), build Chromium (lots and lots of thrashing, up to 20 GB of build artifacts), move away what's important, delete snapshot. And after all of this the main filesystem doesn't have a clue that anything happened. And I don't have to clean up anything at all :)

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