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Surveillance == extortion

Surveillance == extortion

Posted Dec 11, 2013 7:10 UTC (Wed) by filteredperception (guest, #5692)
In reply to: Surveillance == extortion by ncm
Parent article: Security quotes of the week

"always and everywhere"??? C'mon man. I hate the scumbags as much as anybody, but you are doing a disservice to the debate with that kind of blatantly false rhetoric. I mean- "espionage"? I think that may be even a bigger angle than extortion. When you extort people, they pretty much know it up front, and some percentage of them will eventually get upset enough to fight back, even if it's just planting bombs randomly (kazinsky). But with espionage, you can fuck people over, steal their ideas, and they are likely to be none the wizer (I am quite serious).

And your final sentence is just as patently wrong. The reality of how much control or rule each person has is very multi-faceted. Even amongst the outright slaves of history, the masters with their whips and crucifixes (or lynch ropes or whatever) still did not 'rule absolutely'.

I mean, I love the animosity of your comment. And your point is a good one. But it's made in such a way as to make me think you are an NSA agent doing the classic thing of arguing the correct but undesired point with an added twist of over-the-top psychoticness... oh wait, that's my schtick... :)

But seriously, the huffingtonpost and your sentiment are on the money. Of course as I get older I tend to imagine that it's just the particulars of the technology that are changing, and that the general Kompromat principle has been ruling society since long before I was born.

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