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Deadline scheduling: coming soon?

Deadline scheduling: coming soon?

Posted Dec 6, 2013 8:40 UTC (Fri) by iq-0 (subscriber, #36655)
In reply to: Deadline scheduling: coming soon? by dashesy
Parent article: Deadline scheduling: coming soon?

That's almost treating the syscall interface as symbol versioning. Sure it helps if the old interface was too restrictive, but in this case they just want a system for allowing different parameters for different scheduling policies. And a new syscall for each scheduling policy is not really sensible. In that case just add a syscall per scheduling policy and don't try to be generic about it.

I agree that version would probably be better than size (say something else changes but the structure remains the same size). And in that case you could possibly even drop the flags part (if you need it, change the version).

A size could still be usefull, but that would be to make the generic syscall wrapper copy all the supplied data from userspace to prevent concurrent updates on the userspace structure from confusing the kernel checks. But in that case I'd add it as a parameter in the syscall. It still wouldn't exclude a version in the structure though.

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