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The 'ingredients' of the beer must remain free

The 'ingredients' of the beer must remain free

Posted Nov 7, 2003 4:49 UTC (Fri) by rabnud (guest, #2839)
Parent article: No More Free Beer?

Well, yes, RedHat, etc. should charge for their binaries, certainly.

Why should the efforts of these corporations always be taken as only 'not
for profit'? These companies support their binaries, that is an expense.
These companies tend to test their code a bit better than I could test
any code, they are much more aware of prior holes, etc. and they use that
knowledge in their new code - code Which they compile and distribute (now
for money) and also must release the source code for same. System
functions as designed, I'd say.

Personally, I thank them - they have contributed very much to Linux, but
we all need to remember that the source code is still required to be
freely available, so the tasks simply become installation from locally
compiled source code. Beyond my current skillset, certainly, but not out
of scope with GPL, and (in my personal case) this was fully anticipated.

As such, there will always be a Slackware or a Gentoo or a Debian, to
address the less financial user but if the big guys decide to keep their
modifications locked up from the little folks, I'll call it a GPL foul.

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