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Attitude towards Shuttleworth: Quantal, raring, saucy…

Attitude towards Shuttleworth: Quantal, raring, saucy…

Posted Oct 20, 2013 0:10 UTC (Sun) by khim (subscriber, #9252)
In reply to: Attitude towards Shuttleworth: Quantal, raring, saucy… by leifbk
Parent article: Shuttleworth: Quantal, raring, saucy…

I don't believe that these «power users» will ever want to replace their desktop with a version of Android, ChromeOS, or Unity.

Sure, but why do you think it'll make any difference to the outcome?

They will want a full-fledged desktop like the present KDE, OS/X, or maybe even Windows if that will exist 10-15 years from now.

Really? Have you looked on OS/X and/or Windows lately? They try very hard to merge experience of OS/X with iOS and Windows with Windows Phone. KDE may or may not offer experience similar to what you have today, but if all major browsers will go away, if all the productivity suites, CADs and other specialized programs will go away… they will have no choice. I'm pretty sure many hardware designers preferred SGI Indigo to cheap Dell computers, but when AutoCard dropped IRIX support… they had no choice but to switch to Windows, right?

You see, we power users want a desktop that accomodates our workflow, with 10-20 applications open at the same time, and a taskbar (or something) to select between them.

Right. And that's why Android's PC offers remote with separate button which can do exactly that. Sure, experience today is not as smooth as it's on the KDE or GNOME, but it's surprisingly usable already and if such devices will become popular both Android itself and Android programs will be adjusted to work fine in this environment.

It's relatively easy to add some gimmicks to Android (like Samsung's multiview) but it's much harder to convince application writers to target new platform. That's where 10-15 years are coming from: undoubtedly there will be many holdouts which will keep established desktop platforms alive (old UNIX workstations have died off just four years ago, believe it or not), but they will become “dying off dinosaurs” relatively quickly (again: just like it happened with UNIX workstations).

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