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Red Hat Linux ends - now what?

Red Hat Linux ends - now what?

Posted Nov 6, 2003 14:33 UTC (Thu) by jeremiah (subscriber, #1221)
Parent article: Red Hat Linux ends - now what?

I'll miss having the same version of software running on my work system, home system, and production servers, but I really don't mind a $350 a year subscription. It's still cheaper and better than windows. I'll run fedora on my daily use machines and ES on my servers. I just haven't figured out / decided what I'm going to do for my 80 or so clients who are used to not having to pay for the os.

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Red Hat Linux ends - now what?

Posted Nov 6, 2003 14:49 UTC (Thu) by vblum (guest, #1151) [Link]

Maybe you could point out to your clients that, sometimes, paying a little for your software actually saves them work.

I guess you couldn't save any work by paying for RedHat, but after I was last persuaded by a vendor to install RedHat for free on a larger system ... well, I would have spent somewhat less time with SUSE, trying to straighten out the glitches in the setup. No offense to the vendor, they did a lot of the ground work smoothly, but ...

I also know that paying is not everything - the most expensive specialized distribution I've ever seen shipped a kernel with a rather bad memory leak in our installed version ... and refused to even comment on that when I asked for the guaranteed support. Not so excellent either.

Red Hat Linux ends - now what?

Posted Nov 7, 2003 22:34 UTC (Fri) by jeremiah (subscriber, #1221) [Link]

They don't really know that they are using redhat. I'm sort of letting it grow on them. When they ask about one of these nameless obxen that we have in their office we let them know that's it's running linux, redhat. Problem is, we just moved from using New Internet Computer's for $199 to Dell Optiplex Ultra small form factors for $600. I don't wan't to have to add any cost to that.

On a different note, I'm trying core 1 right now, and I like it. It's as nice as a Ximian XD2 system. The only major difference is the teaking to OpenOffice, and something like RedCarpet. I think I'm going to drop Ximian.

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