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Quotes of the week

Quotes of the week

Posted Oct 4, 2013 0:32 UTC (Fri) by pr1268 (subscriber, #24648)
Parent article: Quotes of the week

No, the "twisted, sick" way would be to compile and build the kernel on an ordinary cell phone. Bonus twisted & sick points for installing and booting said modified kernel on the same phone.

Seeing how many phones these days are running a Linux kernel, and now we're now at updating kernel source from a phone, we're halfway there!

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Quotes of the week

Posted Oct 4, 2013 16:07 UTC (Fri) by joern (subscriber, #22392) [Link]

Having built my first kernel on a 100MHz system, I feel slightly insulted. Are you implying that I was sick and twisted back then, for my machine had less power than today's cell phones? ;)

Quotes of the week

Posted Oct 4, 2013 18:15 UTC (Fri) by hummassa (subscriber, #307) [Link]

16MHz here, original 80386... and it was the "world-class" machine we had at the lab. Four whole megabytes of RAM. Far, far less than the gigahertz/gigabyte machines we carry on our pockets these days!


Actually, with my fat fingers, ENTERING something in a cell phone (thank you Android Hacker's Keyboard anyway) seems far harder than building it. And yes, I already did it too.

Quotes of the week

Posted Oct 4, 2013 22:56 UTC (Fri) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954) [Link]

Indeed, I think what Ingo and most people find unrespectable about entering Linux kernel code on a "cell phone" is the limited user interface, not the slow CPU speed.

When people talk about how far the migration from desktop computer to handheld computer will go, the case for the desktop usually isn't its compute power, but the keyboard and the display.

Quotes of the week

Posted Oct 6, 2013 8:16 UTC (Sun) by jzbiciak (subscriber, #5246) [Link]

I imagine if I reinstalled the GCC toolchain on my N900 sitting here, it could manage to rebuild the kernel. Not sure if I could install it from the phone as part of the boot image, but seems likely to be possible. (Mainly, I don't care enough to try.)

Get a more mainstream Android phone that requires all sorts of machinations just to install a boot image, let alone all the work it takes to get a shell prompt and install a meaningful traditional Linux userspace, and now you're getting a little more twisted.

Back in the day, I used to rebuild my kernel on a significantly less powerful system, just as other commentators on this thread did. (In my case, a 386sx25 with 4MB of RAM, and a 90MB hard drive partition; the other 30MB were for DOS/Windows.)

Of course, what they're forgetting is the kernels we compiled back then were significantly smaller, and GCC was significantly lighter weight. I'm pretty sure the memory footprint of GCC 2.3.x and 2.4.x is quite tiny compared to GCC 4.8.x, especially as you crank up the optimization level. And back then, I used to boot my zImage off of a 360K floppy. Stock kernel with some mild trimming of config options. I doubt you could strip a modern kernel down to even fit on a 1.44MB floppy without some serious effort. My /boot partition today holds about 3x as much as my entire computer's capacity in 1993.

So, yeah, compiling, building, installing a modern kernel on a modern phone is a bit sick and twisted. Now get off my lawn, you whippersnappers! ;-)

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