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Desmond: Out-Tridging Tridge

Desmond: Out-Tridging Tridge

Posted Sep 2, 2013 19:53 UTC (Mon) by ttonino (subscriber, #4073)
In reply to: Desmond: Out-Tridging Tridge by ikm
Parent article: Desmond: Out-Tridging Tridge

When I heard about deduplicating in a way that is not block-oriented, I immediately thought about cutting the source into variable length blocks at a specific marker or set of markers. If the file is cut at a 2 byte sequence such as 0x3456, the average chunk size will be 64KB.

This is obviously not random enough (binary and text behave differently). So I would propose having perhaps 512 different markers of 3 bytes length for an average block size of 32 KB. These blocks can then be deduplicated with little processing by determining the hash and perhaps length.

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Desmond: Out-Tridging Tridge

Posted Sep 3, 2013 4:28 UTC (Tue) by khc (guest, #45209) [Link]

In practice it works well and is fast (although you usually want to compare a full word and not 2 bytes).

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