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QEMU 1.6 released

QEMU 1.6 released

Posted Aug 16, 2013 18:53 UTC (Fri) by jensend (guest, #1385)
In reply to: QEMU 1.6 released by eru
Parent article: QEMU 1.6 released

The software in a given version of RHEL isn't exactly bleeding edge when that version is first released, and RHEL 5 was released six and a half years ago. So, yes, using newly-released software with RHEL5 may require some upgrades.

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QEMU 1.6 released

Posted Aug 16, 2013 19:43 UTC (Fri) by aliguori (subscriber, #30636) [Link]

We've more or less given up on supporting RHEL5 as a host. RHEL6 causes enough backport pain as it is :-)

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