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Security quotes of the week

Security quotes of the week

Posted Aug 15, 2013 13:50 UTC (Thu) by drag (subscriber, #31333)
In reply to: Security quotes of the week by jimbo
Parent article: Security quotes of the week

> Does any one else think that Mr Ellison's comments on notional national security were not intended to be taken entirely seriously?

I think his comments are fairly honest. At least in so much that he supports the NSA spying on the people it claims to be protecting. I suspect he feels this way because of the huge amount of money he is making from it.

It now seems fairly obvious what type of database technology the NSA is using to contain and/or query those terabytes/petabytes of information.

As far as 'government misusing information' it is pretty easy to understand how that happens. Everything from blackmail, destroying client/lawyer/doctor privileges, manipulation of markets, corporate espionage to covering up other crimes, stalking, harassment, etc etc. The CIA especially has a long history of interfering with domestic elections and blackmailing politicians and judges for the interests of themselves and the current executive branch. On top of the illegal activity they carried out in the USA there is the specter of foreign election manipulations, astro-turf style activism, and just plain blackmail and corporate espionage carried out for the benefit of large corporate interests. I expect that people are using the NSA for the same purposes.

The only 'protection' that USA citizens currently enjoy is if information can be proven to be obtained illegally then it can't be used as evidence in court. Besides that there is almost no restraint on criminal government activity.

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Security quotes of the week

Posted Aug 15, 2013 20:11 UTC (Thu) by malor (guest, #2973) [Link]

Plus, of course, you'd probably feel a lot less threatened if you could afford to hire every lawyer in the country, should the government step out of line.

Security quotes of the week

Posted Aug 22, 2013 11:19 UTC (Thu) by hummassa (subscriber, #307) [Link]

Plus, if he hires every lawyer in the country, and the government decides to kill all lawyers, it's a win-win :-D

Security quotes of the week

Posted Aug 28, 2013 14:34 UTC (Wed) by SEMW (subscriber, #52697) [Link]

Yay! Then no-one'll be able to hire a lawyer, and there'll be no legal restraint on executive overreach at all, no chance of challenging NS letters (or anything else) in court as the Internet Archive did, no rule of law at all! Woo! Win-win!

...Jokingly hating on lawyers is all fun and games till the FBI comes a-knocking. Rights you can't sue for are rights that don't exist.

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