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Web-(developer)-oriented Crypto Algorithm

Web-(developer)-oriented Crypto Algorithm

Posted Aug 10, 2013 18:59 UTC (Sat) by dps (subscriber, #5725)
In reply to: Web-(developer)-oriented Crypto Algorithm by martin_vahi
Parent article: Gräßlin: FLOSS after Prism: Privacy by Default

The proposal would seem to be about twice as expensive as xor for no increase in security given a genuinely random pad that is used only once. Generating, distributing and destroying pads could be a major problem.

c=m xor KDF(key), where KDF is a key derivation function that expands key the length of m, has already been proposed. One advantage of using xor is that the same code, or discrete logic, can be used for both encryption and decryption. The security of this construction is usually limited by the key size.

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