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Gräßlin: FLOSS after Prism: Privacy by Default

Gräßlin: FLOSS after Prism: Privacy by Default

Posted Aug 9, 2013 14:54 UTC (Fri) by drag (subscriber, #31333)
In reply to: Gräßlin: FLOSS after Prism: Privacy by Default by Company
Parent article: Gräßlin: FLOSS after Prism: Privacy by Default

> I don't want privacy by default. I want public by default.

Actually I would vastly prefer private by default and then public only when it matters.

> I want privacy where it matters and then I want it well thought out and working. Privacy is hard, not even the Tor guys got it right...

I think that maybe privacy and anonymity are being conflated here? Tor is aiming at approximating both, which is going to be very hard.

I mean I can have a private life and have privacy in my house due to the barriers I have created to prevent observation by others (ie: walls and window blinds), but a great deal of people know I am me and were I live and such things. So I have privacy even though I am no anonymous in my comings and goings. It would be much more difficult to live my life in complete anonymity.

And like that it's very easy to encrypt stuff so that the only you and the server (and by extension the people running the server) really knows what was set. But it's virtually impossible for me to hide the fact that I was communicating with the server.

I think therefore the KDE guy said stuff that was pretty common sense, even though its easy to nitpick specific things he said and idioms he used. It's important to be able to decide what gets sent out and what does not. The only way to maintain privacy on the internet is to simply not send data out over it and if you do need to communicate to have everything properly authenticated, encrypted, and identify accurately who you are communicating with.

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