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Shame about Pine

Shame about Pine

Posted Oct 30, 2003 10:46 UTC (Thu) by alspnost (guest, #2763)
Parent article: A look at Fedora Core 1

Most of the package changes seem reasonable, but it's a shame Pine has gone. I know it's easy to install it yourself from elsewhere, but Pine strikes me as quite an important package for gurus, as it's a popular non-GUI mailer. Oh well, not the end of the world, but sometimes, Red Hat's licensing paranoia does actually hamper the functionality of the product.

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Shame about Pine

Posted Oct 30, 2003 13:22 UTC (Thu) by NAR (subscriber, #1313) [Link]

Red Hat's licensing paranoia

As far as I know, Debian doesn't include pine in the distro either (at least in binary form) - so it's probably not a paranoia (or not Red Hat is not the only one who got infected :-).


Shame about Pine

Posted Oct 30, 2003 14:11 UTC (Thu) by leonid (guest, #4891) [Link]

but Pine strikes me as quite an important package for gurus

Well, AFAIR, according to statistics of Linux Kernel Mailing List, most of those gurus run Mutt. Actually, it's been a long time since I've seen a guru running Pine, but that maybe is just me. :)

Shame about Pine

Posted Oct 30, 2003 14:37 UTC (Thu) by jamesm (guest, #2273) [Link]

Well, some guy called Linus is still using pine :-)

Shame about Pine

Posted Oct 30, 2003 16:48 UTC (Thu) by LinuxLobbyist (guest, #6541) [Link]

Actually, there is a GPLed replacement for pine called cone written by the author of courier-mta. It'll probably show up in a future release of Fedora Core. It is supposedly a workalike (but is still a work-in-progress, AFAIK).

Re: Shame about Pine

Posted Oct 31, 2003 3:15 UTC (Fri) by X-Nc (guest, #1661) [Link]

Yeah, I must say that pine will be misses. I've tried to switch to mutt but it's just to funky. The beauty of pine is that it can do all the zillion things that any other MUA can but the interface is clean and very easy to use.

Re: Shame about Pine

Posted Oct 31, 2003 7:28 UTC (Fri) by set (guest, #4788) [Link]

The first time I tried mutt, I didnt care for it. Whatever the
default settings were, I found ugly, and I was used to pine.
Then pine proved to be too slow at opening mailboxes with a thousand
or so messages in. I re-examined mutt, and found that it is massively
configurable. Starting with a config that mimiced pines interface,
I organicly started to grow and modify my own interface, eg. adding
vi style navigation. Mutt powers through mailboxes with 30k+ emails
no problem, has powerful regex support at all levels, and I wouldnt
go back for the world. Of course, my interface is so personalized
that I cant claim any knowlege of a "mutt user interface", except
how to alter it to suit my needs. A friend of mine was also a long
time pine user, and after sharing my .muttrc, he quickly and easily
moved over... (this looks too much like a mua war troll, but I
really only started it to indicate that transitioning to mutt can
be easier than it may initially appear.;)

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