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Confused as to the point of this.

Confused as to the point of this.

Posted Jul 6, 2013 22:25 UTC (Sat) by eternaleye (subscriber, #67051)
In reply to: Confused as to the point of this. by eternaleye
Parent article: Changes coming for systemd and control groups

He links to which has some further info. This may be the most damning for what you would like to do, dlang:

* The configurations aren't independent. e.g. for weight-based
controllers, your weight is only meaningful in relation to other
weights at that level. Distributing configuration to whatever
entities which may write to cgroupfs simply cannot work. It's
fundamentally flawed.

That means that anyone could set a stupidly high weight, and starve their peers. You could do double-nesting hacks to isolate that, sure, but that gets painful and stupid very quickly.

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Confused as to the point of this.

Posted Jul 6, 2013 22:27 UTC (Sat) by eternaleye (subscriber, #67051) [Link]

Even worse: You only have that subtree mounted, so you can't see your peers' weights. So you are *actually incapable* of knowing what weights even *would* be 'stupidly high' and starve your peers (or stupidly *low* and starve yourself)

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