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Posted Jul 3, 2013 13:55 UTC (Wed) by zblaxell (subscriber, #26385)
In reply to: Evil by mathstuf
Parent article: Changes coming for systemd and control groups

It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to import some insane bug from some other community to Debian in the name of cross-distro consistency. I can't see any reason why I wouldn't work to push it back out again just like others before.

I realize some people disagree with me on this point. Several of them have posted here, repeating the assertion that they are not wrong after I just finished pointing out why they are. ;) Forks happen if your code's behavior as distributed is insane. This is one reason why we have different distributions.

I would likely only advocate a change to the default behavior, since the feature does have sane special cases and there seems to be commitment from upstream to maintain both behavior modes (although if it has to be configured in hundreds of separate places then a new global configuration point might still be preferable).

Packages that explicitly depend on having their processes killed under a possibly unconstrained list of scenarios defined by strangers from the future can always explicitly request that in their systemd configuration glue to ensure consistent cross-distribution behavior. All other packages will be much happier (and safer!) if left alone.

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