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Posted Jun 26, 2013 4:02 UTC (Wed) by pjm (subscriber, #2080)
In reply to: Introducing Daala by fedtroll
Parent article: Introducing Daala

If this is a troll, then please stop: trolling is not welcome on LWN.

If it is not a troll, then please try to be helpful or constructive by trying to be specific about how to improve things. So far, you've said that there's a problem with coherentness and one or more irrational sentences, but haven't been very clear as to which sentence(s) have problems (even whether they're in the blog post or the summarizing information on LWN or in the comments here) or how to improve. If it's the blog post that's the problem, then sure, it's common for blog posts to contain some typos ("et. al.", "neigboring", "each others'", unusual dash spacing), and at least one sentence could do with rephrasing for clarity if it were widely read documentation that people are relying on rather than a blog post; though I don't think these problems need discussing on LWN. (The author's e-mail address is given in the article if you'd like to send corrections or suggest for a specific sentence to be clarified.)

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