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Introducing Daala

Introducing Daala

Posted Jun 23, 2013 14:46 UTC (Sun) by mchehab (subscriber, #41156)
Parent article: Introducing Daala

> this new design consciously avoids most of the patent thicket surrounding mainstream block-DCT-based codecs

By using a Lapped Transform, I suspect it is just moving from one patent set to another one. The one showed at the article seems to be patented by Microsoft:

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Introducing Daala

Posted Jun 23, 2013 15:44 UTC (Sun) by gmaxwell (guest, #30048) [Link]

Without even looking at the content of that patent it cannot apply to the technique described on the basis of its priority date alone.

Go FUD another topic?

Introducing Daala

Posted Jun 23, 2013 20:52 UTC (Sun) by mchehab (subscriber, #41156) [Link]

> Go FUD another topic?

It is not FUD. It is a reasonable doubt from my side.

While the article says that Daela "consciously avoids most of the patent thicket", unfortunately, it doesn't say what patents may apply, if any.

Also, that's what's described there at the article:

"Daala uses pre/post lifting filters based on the filters proposed by Tran, Liang, and Yu in Lapped Regularity-Constraind Pre- and Post-Filtering for Block DCT Based Systems."

The patent mentioned on my previous comment seems to be describing the lapped transform used on it. IANAL, but, at least to my eyes, it seems to apply.

Introducing Daala

Posted Jun 23, 2013 22:20 UTC (Sun) by gmaxwell (guest, #30048) [Link]

> It is a reasonable doubt from my side.

I accept that it was an honest doubt, and I apologize if my accusation implied otherwise. That patent is far too late to cover techniques that old.

That patent indeed mentions that particular paper: as prior art.

There is enough genuine work in searching, avoiding, and working around patent issues that it's a little irritating when when someone throws out some spurious allegation and spreads uncertainty.

One of the things that makes FUD so potent is that its spread in all earnestly. People see a comment and then make a "oh yea, that thing was patented" note in their mind.

If you're interested in doing patent research for new coding efforts, it would be great to have more help— though it takes some effort to learn the byzantine language used in patent claims and the convoluted rules around applicability.

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